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The Dankort is the national debit card of Denmark. Today it is usually combined with a Visa card and functions as a credit card abroad. The first Dankort was issued by the Financial Institutions' Debit and Credit Card Company in September 1983. Later in 2001 Dankort A/S was founded, and it took over the rights to the Dankort in January 2001. The card can be used anywhere around the world where Visa is accepted, including to manage your online casino funds. The card can be used as a debit or credit card, with a transaction timeframe of 4 to 5 days.

It’s very simple to use your Dankort card to make a deposit at an online casino. In fact, it may often be possible to do so even if this particular card name isn’t specifically listed as an option on a given site. Assuming your card has a Visa logo, you should be able to use it at any iGaming website that offers credit cards as a deposit method. The main advantage of the Dankort card is security. The card is equipped with a security chip, which together with the PIN-code, provides the highest level of payment security. If your card is lost, then you should contact the bank or the Dankort website. Here, users can contact customer support and get more information about Dankort activities.

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