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Lottomaticard is a prepaid card issued by Lottomatica and associated with the Visa Electron international circuit. Lottomatica is one of the leading operators in the gambling industry in Italy, founded in 1990 and based in Rome. This payment service is not available to the residents of other countries. However, the card, once issued, can be used both locally and internationally due to its association with the Visa Electron circuit.

The Lottomaticard is fully prepaid and rechargeable, which prevents over-spending. There’s no need to associate it with any current account. Withdrawal is available at any LisCard point of sale and the daily withdrawal limit is 500 euros. Due to its partnership with Visa Electron, Lottomaticard’s safety standards are high and all transactions are fast and reliable.

Lottomaticard can be easily requested on the official website, free of charge, by following the required steps. It can then be picked up at any Lis Card sales point, only with a tax code and valid ID. Alternatively, if you have a current account in your name, you can request your Lottomaticard card at home. When the Lottomaticard you requested is activated, you will pay a commission of 9.90 euros. Later, recharge commissions will depend on the amount of money deposited. Your balance can be checked from any sales point at any point in time. The Lottomaticard can be used until its expiration date. Considering its high safety standards, as well as the ease with which it can be obtained and used, Lottomaticard is an ideal choice as a payment method for online casino gaming.