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SporoPay is an online bank transfer payment service offered by Slovenska Sporitelna, which is the largest commercial bank in Slovakia. Based in Bratislava, Slovakia, Sporopay’s services are offered exclusively to clients of Slovenska Sporitelna. It is an online payment method that acts as a middleman, spanning the gap between your online gambling provider and the bank you use.

After selecting Sporopay from the list of banking options, you’ll be redirected automatically to the firm’s e-payments website, where you’ll be asked to complete the payment order form, fill in the requested security data, and then hit OK. There then follows an automated process of only a couple of seconds in which the bank confirms that your details are correct, and then you’ll be redirected back to your online casino.

Reasons to Choose Sporopay: 

  • It’s Free: Cheap isn’t even the correct word: Sporopay’s services are completely free of charge. All you need is to be a user of internet banking.
  • It’s Convenient: Ordered goods can be paid for directly from the merchant’s website. 
  • It’s Flexible: With a transaction amount ranging from €1 to €500, there’s plenty of room to maneuver depending on your needs and means; and with instant transactions, you’ll never need to wait.
  • It’s Safe: Sporopay withholds your private banking details from your online gambling provider, meaning that every game you play and every bet you place is done completely securely.  Moreover, a chargeback process is available to shoppers, which means that you have recourse to dispute the transaction and get your money back should you find yourself unsatisfied with the purchase, for whatever reason.

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