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Welcome to CasinosLists’ page dedicated to everything about online keno. Find out more about its rich history, how to play keno, what strategies to use and where to play it to get the best winning odds possible.

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Short History of Keno

Keno is one of the oldest casino games in the world as it is believed to date back more than 2,000 years. The origins are quite unclear but many came to the conclusion that the game originated in China. 

There are plenty of local legends that the invention of Keno saved a city in a time of harsh wars and also helped to raise the funds necessary to build the Great Wall of China. 

These legends may be nice, however, in modern China, lotteries were not allowed until the late 19th century. There are no Chinese lotteries documented before 1847 when the government of Macau started to grant licenses for lottery operators.

What is indeed documented is that Chinese players were playing by sending and receiving the tickets and the results via carrier pigeons. The game was originally called “beige piao” which means “white dove ticket”.

During the 19th century, Chinese immigrants introduced casino keno to the United States where it became very popular. It was sometime in 1866 when the game acquired the name Keno which is a French adaptation for “quine” (group of five).

By 1933, casino keno was already played in gambling establishments in Nevada under the name “Race Horse Keno” and used horse names instead of numbers since the local laws were against lotteries. The game became legal in Nevada in 1951 and players ditched the horse names and started using numbers. 

How to Play Keno Casino Games

Keno has come a long way from its invention, however, what’s truly amazing is that it never actually changed much as there are still 80 numbers used and the rules are the same, even if nowadays, players can make their bets with just a tap instead of using a carrier pigeon.

The rules are very simple, even for beginners and that’s exactly why casino keno games are so popular.

You will notice that you will have a digital card on the screen filled with numbers from 1-80. Before making your selection, you will need to set your wagers. Typically, online keno games have quite budget-friendly wagers which can fit most pocket sizes. 

Once you have selected your wagers, you can move on and select the desired numbers. You can choose to bet on 1 to 15 numbers, however, on rare occasions, this number can vary depending on the keno game version.

The final step is to select how many rounds you want to play and hit the Play button. From this moment the RNG (Random Number Generator) will do the rest and select 1-15 numbers from the total 80. If your selected numbers match the randomly generated ones, you win!

Keno Games Strategies

Casino Keno is a game of chance. Even if the internet is full of pieces of advice and strategies that guarantee your win, they are mostly fake. It’s impossible to fully control the outcome of the RNG (Random Number Generator).

However, you don’t have to be disappointed, because there are some ways you can increase your odds to win at casino keno games. 

Always look around for the best odds. Since there are many keno variations and almost every software provider developed at least a keno game, you have quite a wide pool of choices. These games can have progressive prizes or not.

For video keno games, players usually prefer to play Pick 7 or Pick 8 variants. These are not progressive games so prizes will be smaller, however, with smaller volatility, there is a potential to get more frequent wins. This tip is particularly useful for small rollers and casual players which can’t afford to lose a lot.

Another tip, if you are a high roller then the tips for you are pretty much the opposite of the one above. You should only play progressive games for longer periods of time, especially if the jackpot hasn’t been claimed in a while.

Make sure to claim a bonus. While land-based establishments will attract new players and keep veterans happy with drinks and snacks, online casinos do the same with bonuses and promotions. There is nothing wrong with this since it benefits both the website which gets new players and gamblers who get to start on the right foot.

Casino keno is not an expensive game to play compared to others, however, we all love free stuff and by claiming a bonus, you have more money to play, therefore, more chances to win. 

Even if you don’t manage to claim an online keno no deposit casino bonus, there are plenty of other offers which you can pair with this game. No matter what bonus you choose, always check the wagering requirements before claiming the offer to make sure you can complete the rollover. 

The last theory is more a very popular myth related to cold numbers and hot numbers. The cold numbers theory involves betting on the numbers that are drawn less frequently while the hot numbers theory involves betting on the numbers that are drawn more frequently. This theory has worked for some players, however, it can’t be taken seriously since Keno is completely a game of chance. 

Where Can You Play Online Keno for Free? 

Surely, we all want to get in the saddle right away, pick some numbers and score some wins but to spare the disappointment and conserve morale, it’s never a good idea to rush into a game without prior testing. 

Since casino keno games are so popular, there are plenty of variations from many software providers, making it a hard choice for beginners. The solution would be to play free online keno games before trying them for real money.

The problem is that online casinos will not offer players the opportunity to play casino keno games for free and if they do so, it’s only for a short period of time, through a sort of promotion or bonus. 

We come to your aid and here on, we offer a huge selection of free keno games no download which you can enjoy in Demo Mode for as long as you like. Just pick some of the free keno games and give them a try to see all they have to offer before deciding to register an account with one of the keno casinos in our lists and play it for real money. 

Where Can You Play Online Keno Games for Real Money?

After you’ve tested free keno games online, you can take the next step and register an account with one of the online keno casinos on our list where you can play real money casino keno. All these gambling websites are deemed safe and trustworthy by other real gamblers.

It’s very important to only play at trustworthy casinos if you want to have a safe and entertaining gambling experience. All these online keno casinos are licensed and regulated and only provide games from reputable software providers. 

We understand that not all of these casinos will be everybody’s cup of tea since each player has different needs and tastes, that’s why it is hard to pinpoint exactly which is the best keno casino. However, you can quickly find out which ones have been rated the highest by using the “Top-Rated” filter. 

If you are just now picking an online keno casino, it’s a good idea to also check for bonuses and promotions. Bonuses are a two-way benefit as gambling websites get new players and also keep the veterans happy while new players get more money to play, therefore, more chances to win. 

Among the best promotions, you can get is an online keno casino no deposit bonus. However, since this type of offer is quite rare, you should check our casinos’ page often to ensure you find one. 

Final Words

Keno is most likely the oldest casino game in the world and even today it is one of the most played and enjoyed lottery games. Called by some “a game for dreamers”, casino keno continues to charm its players and offer some nice potential wins. 

Casino keno is preferred especially by beginners and newcomers into the gambling world since it is so easy to get started and it’s quite a budget-friendly game without being taxing on the wallet. 

If you fancy simple games and lotteries and you don’t want to gamble a lot of money in your session while still enjoying a great game, keno is definitely the perfect choice for you.

Online Keno FAQ

Can you claim an online keno casino bonus?
Yes, you can claim a welcome bonus when joining a new online casino. The best type of offer you can get is an online keno casino no deposit bonus. Even if it’s quite rare, you can get one with some patience. 
Can you play free keno games online?
Yes, here on CasinosLists you can find a wide selection of free keno games from various software providers which you can enjoy for as long as you want without having to download anything and without investing a dime. 
Can you play free keno games on mobile?
Yes, you can enjoy casino keno games on both desktop systems like a PC or a laptop and on mobile devices like a smartphone or a tablet. There is no difference apart from the smaller screen.
Are there any sure ways to win at Keno?
No. Video keno machines use random number generators to determine the results and there is no way to influence them. There are however some tips above which can help you improve your odds. 

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Liliana Costache

Liliana Costache

Online Gambling Content and Localization Manager

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  • Over 10 years of experience in the iGaming industry;
  • German, Swedish, and EU Gambling Regulatory Framework certification by the iGaming Academy;
  • Over 15 years of expertise in crafting engaging and SEO-optimized content;
  • 25+ years in translation and localization.
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