Blacklisted Online Casinos 2022

As a leading casinos portal, has the duty to warn its players about rogue websites. Thus, we have put together a “black-list”, to keep you informed and provide you with up to date details about these untrustworthy online casinos.

What is a Blacklisted Online Casino?

While browsing the web and searching for online casinos, you will stumble upon terms such as “blacklisted” or “rogue” casinos, which are often used to describe websites which either don’t treat their customers properly or engage in the unlawful practices. Among the actions that can place a casino on our blacklisted casinos list are stalling or refusing withdrawals for unproven reasons, funds confiscation, refusal of honoring bonus offers, usage of non-regulated or pirated games. We believe it is very important to put these online casinos in the spotlight, as players need to know what places to avoid. 

Currently, there are 109 online casinos on our Blacklist. Once again, we advise players to stay away from them, or keep their eyes open should they decide to play at their own risk. In general, these unsafe casinos will be marked on our website with their specific black “Forbidden” symbol. Don’t forget that there are still great places for you to experience and where you’ll be treated properly. You can find these on our Best Online Casinos page which is constantly updated.

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