Carol Zafiriadi

Carol Zafiriadi

Senior Content Writer


  • Carol is adept at discussing video poker, table games, RNG, land-based casinos, and promoting responsible gambling;
  • With a wealth of experience spanning over 6 years, Carol has demonstrated expertise in presenting and analyzing the latest trends and innovations in the dynamic realms of gaming and tech;
  • He owns a  Bachelor’s Degree in English and German Language and Literature, as well as a Master’s in Literary Translation, both from the University of Bucharest. These educational achievements have honed his critical thinking skills and empowered him to produce top-quality iGaming content that resonates with readers.


Carol Zafiriadi blends his passion for gaming with contemporary content creation challenges. With a wealth of experience spanning over 6 years in the gaming and tech industry, his expertise shines through in his well-crafted guides and articles.

Before joining, Carol devoted his efforts to local websites and YouTube channels, collaborating with renowned figures in the tech and gaming sphere, including Samsung, Huawei, and NVIDIA. This exposure to industry leaders solidified his authority and knowledge in the field.

Through this journey, Carol acquired a profound understanding of the latest trends and innovations in modern digital entertainment, skillfully producing enjoyable and informative content.

Beyond his contributions to the gaming and tech realm, Carol is a co-owner of a small yet impactful project dedicated to expanding the online knowledge base through engaging and informative articles.

These endeavours honed Carol's ability to tackle intricate subjects and present them in a reader-friendly manner, enhancing the value of his content.

Carol's fascination with backgammon and collectible card games, like Hearthstone, ignited his interest in games that blend random outcomes with strategic thinking. This curiosity prompted him to explore the realms of gambling, gamification, and the concept of RNG (random number generator).

As a result, readers can expect to find a wealth of advice, tips, and recommendations for creating enjoyable and secure experiences at land-based casinos. Moreover, Carol provides relevant and actionable guides on video poker and table games.

Carol has mastered the art of delivering specific strategies for improved winning odds, imparting practical advice on responsible gambling, and offering recommendations on how to savor quality moments at land-based casinos, all while ensuring safety and efficiency.

His passion for gaming, combined with his extensive experience in the field, ensures that his work resonates with both novices and enthusiasts, delivering quality and relevant content.


Carol's education boasts a CAE certificate and graduation from the Faculty of Foreign Languages and Literatures at the University of Bucharest. His academic accomplishments include a BA in English and German Language and Literature, as well as an MA in Literary Translation, where his papers delved into the intriguing interplay between translation and creative writing.

Focusing on literature and linguistics, Carol's research efforts centre on the fusion of factual and accurate information with creativity and innovation in content writing. This unique blend allows him to craft engaging and thought-provoking content that captivates readers while ensuring its reliability and authenticity.

By leveraging his linguistic expertise and passion for literature, Carol provides readers with a rich repository of knowledge, insights, and ideas.


  • Gamification and its impact on the casino experience;
  • RNG in casino games and its effect on winning odds;
  • Table games mechanics;
  • Video poker and game-specific strategies;
  • Safety and precautions when enjoying land-based casinos.
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