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If you want to have all the perks of anonymity, fast transactions and inexpensive taxes then you should check out the CasinosLists page dedicated to Neosurf casinos, compare and choose one of the top-rated Neosurf online casino sites.

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Best Neosurf Casinos for United States
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What is Neosurf?

Neosurf is a prepaid card transaction method that simply took the world by storm. It started very small in Europe, but the dedication and transparency of this company quickly made them a global market leader in online payment methods.

The company was founded way back in 2004 in Paris, France but quickly gained acceptance from major regulatory entities. Since then, it has expanded and it is right now considered the sixth in the top 10 companies of this sector. 

Neosurf is very similar to Paysafecard and other transaction options based on PIN codes, however, it comes with the major advantage of covering much more ground, being available even in Australia.

Many players ask how exactly Neosurf functions. Well, it is basically a prepaid online payment method that’s based on 10-digit PIN vouchers.

You can go to local sales outlets and get these vouchers, then you can use them to pay online by introducing the provided 10-digits PIN at any merchant or website that accepts Neosurf as a payment option.

Neosurf vouchers are available with values anywhere from $10 to $250. When you make a payment, only the desired amount will be deducted from your balance, meaning that you can use the same 10 digit PIN for multiple small transactions. For big amounts, you may need to combine multiple Neosurf PINs. 

How to Deposit at Online Casinos using Neosurf

Using a Neosurf prepaid card is a more complex process compared to other deposit methods, however, it’s quite easy once you get your account up and running. We’ve broken down all the processes in a step-by-step guide for you, to find out exactly how to use Neosurf to make a deposit at an online casino.

Firstly, you will need to register a Neosurf account. Here are the steps:

  1. Head to the Neosurf homepage and click “Sign Up”

  2. Introduce your personal information, first and last name, phone number, date of birth and home address. Finally, you will be asked to create a username and a password as well as provide an email address.

  3. You will receive a text message with a validation code that you will need to enter on the Neosurf website to confirm your account. After this is complete, your Neosurf wallet will be ready to use. 

Once you get your Neosurf account, you can top-up the balance, either through Neosurf Vouchers which you can buy online or via bank transfer. What’s really great is that cryptocurrencies are also accepted. 

When you have the money in your Neosurf account, you can move to the second step and deposit the money at your Neosurf online casino as follows:

  1. Log in to your player account on the casino’s homepage

  2. Go to the Cashier section and select Neosurf as a deposit method

  3. Enter the amount of cash you wish to deposit

  4. You will be redirected to the Neosurf payment processor where you will have to provide the 10-digit PIN of the voucher.

  5. The transfer should be done almost instantly and you should be ready to play in no time.

How to Withdraw from Online Casinos Using Neosurf

Neosurf withdrawals are possible at online casinos, however, remember that you will have to first confirm your account before you are able to withdraw any amount of money. To confirm your account you will need to provide utility bills, an ID card, Passport or Driving License and follow the steps asked by the casino. 

The process of withdrawal is quite similar to the deposit process with the only exception that you will have to provide only your Neosurf account details. Here is the simplified process, step by step:

  1. Log in to your player account on the casino’s homepage

  2. Go to the cashier section and select Neosurf as the withdrawal method

  3. Enter the amount of cash you wish to withdraw and the email address.

  4. The funds should be available quite quickly in your Neosurf account.


PROs and CONs of Neosurf

To make it easier for you to decide if Neosurf is the best casino transaction option for you, we have broken down the main pros and cons of this method.




You don’t need to provide any sort of banking or private information when making a transaction at an online casino, meaning that there are fewer chances for a third party to ever get access to them.


Limited voucher values, presenting little interest for high rollers


Supports multiple currencies


Requires a Neosurf account before any transaction can be made, adding additional steps to the process


Very popular, available in most parts of the world


 Not yet available in all parts of the world


The Neosurf account can be filled with bank transfers and cryptocurrency


Maximum withdrawal limits are smaller for Neosurf compared to other casino withdrawal methods


Transactions are very fast and there are no fees

There are definitely more benefits than cons when it comes to Neosurf vouchers. The only major issue that might arise is that some players in certain regions of the world will not be able to use it. 

What truly makes Neosurf popular as a casino payment method is the high grade of privacy which is preferred by many gamblers. 

Neosurf Safety and Security

If you are interested in safe online casino transactions, Neosurf is one of the best options. It adds another layer of security since there is no private information involved when making transactions.

Allowing anonymous transfers, Neosurf comes in handy in regions or countries where gambling is either under the monopoly of the state or is in a grey area.

Since it is so easy to top-up your Neosurf account, and there is no traceable evidence of any casino transaction, players from sensitive regions can easily use this payment method to play at offshore online casinos. 


Neosurf Taxes and Processing Times

The operator itself will charge no money for transfers, however, some Neosurf gambling websites will have some minor taxes for transactions of around $1 or less. Your Neosurf account will never expire but remember that there will be a yearly tax for the account of around $5. 

If you plan on making a refund for a purchase, except a fee of around 2% of the total amount. All these fees and others can always be checked on the Neosurf website. Whenever you are in doubt, check out the list.

In terms of time frames, Neosurf places itself among the fastest casino transaction methods on the market. Deposits are instantaneous and withdrawals usually take only a couple of hours. There is a drawback here, however. Withdrawals are fast because the overall withdrawal limits are far smaller compared to other methods.  


The Best Neosurf Online Casino

Nowadays more and more people prefer fast transactions so there is no wonder why Neosurf casinos have become so popular. There are plenty of casinos out there to choose from, which can be somewhat difficult for a beginner.

Luckily, here on CasinosLists, we try to help the players make the best choice and that’s why, thanks to the experience of our team and other real players’ ratings, we are able to compile the list with the best Neosurf online casinos on the market. 

Before picking an online casino to play at, you should always check their bonuses, the selection of games and payment methods. A good casino should also be licensed and regulated by a reputable independent authority. 

Since players’ needs and tastes vary so much, it’s hard to say which gambling website in this list is the best. However, if you want to see which Neosurf casino sites are favored by the most players you can also use the “Top-Rated” option in the filter options. 

If you are interested in new Neosurf online casinos, hoping to claim a great offer and perhaps even a no deposit bonus, you can check the “Newest” option which will display the newest released casinos


Neosurf Casino Bonuses

As a new player just registering an account, it’s a great idea to check the bonuses and promotions of a Neosurf online casino to get the most out of your money.

Basically, a bonus offered is an amount of money that you get to gamble for free, increasing, therefore, your chances of winning. You can withdraw any potential wins after you have confirmed your account and you have completed the wagering requirements. 

The best type of bonus you can claim is a Neosurf casino no deposit bonus. It’s a rare offer so don’t expect to find it easily. Even if these offers are often smaller compared to match bonuses, they require no deposit, exactly as the name suggests. 

Just like all other bonuses, no deposit bonuses also have wagering requirements that you will have to complete before being able to make a withdrawal. If you are looking for small rollover requirements, you can check our Low Wagering Casino page. 


Final Words

Neosurf is a great payment option for all those who prefer fast and completely safe transactions. It may present little interest to high rollers since the vouchers are only available up to $250, but will greatly appeal to casual players and beginners.

If you don’t actually mind spending time to create a Neosurf account and you are just a casual player, wagering small bets, this payment option will perform incredibly. 

Fast transactions and the ability to top-up the Neosurf balance online, make this casino deposit option very popular, even in countries where gambling is a more sensitive matter. 

A Neosurf account can’t be traced and can’t be blocked, therefore all your transactions towards an online casino can’t be stopped when playing in regions where gambling is under the monopoly of the state. 

The withdrawal and deposit limits are smaller compared to other methods on the market, which is somehow expected, taking into consideration that Neosurf is not designed to move large amounts of cash. 

On the bright side, compared to other prepaid cards like Paysafecard, Neosurf has broken the boundaries of Europe and it’s also available in Australian and African online casinos, two of the biggest markets in the world.

Neosurf Casinos FAQ

What is Neosurf?

Neosurf is a prepaid online payment method that’s based on 10-digit PIN vouchers. You can go to a local sales outlet and get these vouchers or buy them online, then you can use them to pay online by introducing the provided 10-digits PIN.

Where can I buy Neosurf vouchers?

Neosurf vouchers can be purchased physically at local sellers and online in over 60 countries. Their website provides an entire list of locations and methods of acquiring Neosurf vouchers. You can also top-up your Neosurf account balance by bank transfer. These vouchers are available in denominations from $10 to $250.

Are Neosurf vouchers refundable?

The Neosurf voucher itself is not refundable. Once you use the PIN to make a transaction you will have to buy another voucher. Transactions made with the vouchers are refundable but there will be fees involved in the process. 

Does Neosurf charge any fees?

While the company itself only charges money for account administration fees and refunds, additional taxes may appear at merchant websites when you make a purchase.

Is Neosurf safe?

Yes, Neosurf is one of the safest financial transactions options on the market since there is no personal information involved in the process. Since there is no personal information used, you don’t have to worry about third parties. In addition, transactions with Neosurf are completely anonymous.