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  • May 26, 2021
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Online casino reviews are the best way to find out if the casino you were giving thought to is the right choice for your gambling needs. Choosing an online casino can be quite difficult, especially if you have too many options laying at your fingertips. 


That’s why most online gambling portals, including, have given players the opportunity to add reviews (ratings & comments) on the online casinos they are hosting. 


As the reviews are added by real players, you can be sure that everything you read is an honest opinion of a person who already tried out the casino you were also considering. 


This will speed up the process of finding the best casino for you and will save you a lot of time, energy, and money. 


Without further ado, we have compiled a list of guidelines to take into consideration when adding a casino review, in order to offer useful insights that will help other community members.

  1. Share your personal experience. If you played at a certain online casino and you had a good or bad experience, share it with your peers. 

    Try to be as impartial as possible, and provide genuine information about your exposure to that particular casino - only by offering honest and original reviews will you be able to help out your fellow players.

    On, we use the following rating and review system: 

    CasinosLists Rating System

    Depending on how your experience with the casino was, you have 5 rating thresholds at your disposal. 

    You can rate the casino as “excellent”, “very good”, “good”, “poor”, and “terrible”. This is a user-friendly system that will help you offer a specific and well-structured review. 

    The review needs a title and a minimum of 50 characters. Then, you add your name, your email address, and lastly, you click on the “Add Review” button. Easy!

  2. Be clear and concise. Make sure that your review is easy to read, straight to the point and no longer than 50 characters. Otherwise, you risk that nobody will read it, as people have no patience for lengthy, ambiguous texts. 

    Also, is against “Caps Lock” to double-down on something, as we believe that less is more. Bottom line, keep it simple, and don’t forget to do a grammar and spelling check before you submit your review. 

  3. Accuracy is your friend. Always start writing your reviews with this in mind. Spreading false information is not allowed at, and you’re not helping anybody if your reviews are not based on your actual experience. 

    We strongly encourage you to use facts to support your statements. Also, being explicit and offering detailed information is a plus.

  4. Write about recent experiences. Nobody wants to read reviews based on past experiences that happened long ago. 

    They are outdated and no longer relevant. Players expect fresh content about experiences within the last year. The more recent the experience, the more relatable!

  5. Respect privacy and show consideration. When writing a review, make sure that your speech is appropriate and doesn’t contain any insults based on race, sex, or sexual orientation. 

    Any form of discrimination is strictly forbidden at 

    We also advise you to not use personal, sensitive information about you or others, as respecting privacy is not something we take lightly. 

    We will remove the reviews that contain personal attacks on other users, as well as the ones that are revealing personal information about you or anyone else.

  6. Avoid conflicts of interest. partners are not allowed to post reviews on their own brand's page, in an attempt to create a falsely positive image. 

    All reviews submitted on must be entirely based on true events. What’s more, the attempts to lower competitors’ ratings by submitting negative reviews are not permitted and the use of external links is prohibited.

  7. Be cool, don’t spam. We don’t allow users to submit repetitive reviews that discuss the same topic, that are posted numerous times in a limited time frame, or that are targeting the same casino. allows each user to rate the casino once; if a user updates his rating it will count as 1 vote.

Final Thoughts

We expect that you found our short guide on how to add reviews on useful and that you will take into account our tips when you write your next review. Hopefully, a positive one! 

Best of luck! 

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